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Our basic need is survival and rest of other activities is around making that living comfortable. Thus, ‘Education’ is about enlightening us the best appropriate way of doing things from past experiences, while ‘Common Sense’ is the knowledge about applying past experiences on day-to-day realities happening around us.


Like in most countries, India follows a system of imparting knowledge to students in the form of a tier-system of education (e.g. 10+2+3 for general studies) so that necessary level of teaching and learning is provided to only those sections of people who actually require that level of knowledge. There are also various skill-based training and vocational education system in place in India. There are reasoning behind the form of pedagogy developed for education system chosen by govt in own countries. The question each student/youngster should be asking self is ‘How much education is enough for self and future career making?’

Logically, we can consider all forms of profession being comprised of two types of education needs – Business aspect and technical aspect. For example, rice is an essential food needed in our daily lives. Knowledge is required to understand how to cultivate and get rice – thus, that’s about technicality and there are students learning courses on Agriculture (e.g. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture). Also, knowledge is required to obtain rice from fields, transport rice to storage, distribute rice bags to wholesalers, sell rice to consumers – thus that’s about business and there are students learning courses on Management of Agriculture businesses (e.g. Master of Management in Agro-based business). Similarly, for better healthcare system, we got education systems on becoming doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, social carers, dentists, medical technicians, etc. In order to systematize the know-how to cater to needs around us, we create ways of educating the learners in a leveling tier approach. Thus, if we try to see the bigger picture around a profession and the related environment within which the profession operates, we can realize that education is rather about providing a common sense way of dealing with our societal needs.

Having a basic level of education (10th Standard in India) is sufficient for someone to understand the society’s common sense better. Having intermediary level of education (12th standard in India) is about preparing someone to have an interest in a segment of industry/knowledge with more focus; while having a graduate level of education (12+3 standard in India) is about giving the specific required level of knowledge to someone to execute the most tasks necessary in that industry segment. Further level of education (Masters or doctorate levels in India) are to provide specialization study to understand with more depth why things happen as they are and what new approaches can be created/discovered to do things in a better way. Thus, one does not need to go to college or university for higher study ‘as mandatory need’, but rather based on ‘situational need’. Just to reemphasize this view, globally reputed firms such as ‘Apple’ and ‘Microsoft’ are founded by College drop-outs (whom latter employs qualified engineers/managers with degrees and doctorates to run the companies). Even locally within Manipur (and in other parts of India), we can see large businesses run by not even 10th standard pass entrepreneurs and yet these able-industrialists manage to run their businesses by employing skilled engineers and managers accordingly.

Youngsters (under guidance from parents) often proceed to study popular courses in professional undergraduate level such as MBBS, BE, BPharm, BSc-Nursing, and also in general studies such as BCom, BA, BSc. Some youngsters directly get entry to job or on-the-job related courses in central and state govt services such as paramilitary forces, NDA, banking, state police, etc. Very few youngsters in Manipur (and even in entire India) deviate to think about setting up own businesses or learning knowledge/skill that will help themselves in setting up that business of own dreams.
In countries like UK, the approach of ‘Learning by Doing’ is followed more in the society in the form of youngsters taking up apprenticeship jobs in companies just after completion of GSCE (similar to Class 10 in India) or A-level (similar to Class 12 in India), and growing their careers henceforward from bottom to management level. Most organizational managers and CEO/COO do not even possess universities degrees, yet they are expert in their technical or business skills. Also, senior managers are often found coming back to universities at the age of 30+ to study in some degree courses related to their already experienced industry to have the skill of critical thinking with academic learning approach.

Though one needs not necessarily go to colleges/universities to make a living or successful profession/career in life, one can gain a lot by going to colleges/universities once in a lifetime. Education is rather meant to give away experience of ‘various know-how’ collected over years to the future generation in a very simple and concise format in a very short period of time. Colleges/universities are not just meant for getting higher education in various knowledge domains or industry sectors, but also a platform/forum for meeting people (like-minded as well as non-like-minded) to share ideas and experiences to learn from each other for own future. By being in colleges/universities, one can get access to libraries (having tons of knowledge contents), professors (having vast experiences in the areas one may have interest to explore), colleagues (having similar interest to work together in future projects), and professional networks (having industry experts and business support groups), friends (having similar social and emotional behaviors), etc.
Successful people in every profession never stop learning about things that may be useful in their lives irrespective of having gone to study in school or college or university. What may be effective about preparing self to learn about a profession is to start thinking in backward from that chosen future dream to present situation in order to evaluate how much education and what skill-sets one may need in order to realize the dream. Thus, first need in life is ‘survival’; then next need come ‘food’, shelter, clothes, etc; and then, educating self is to find a way out to earn money through a job/task to cater to the cost of surviving in style.

Thus, students/youths in Manipur should focus on having ‘Common Sense’ in life more than running after ‘Education’; because, education (in some appropriate form) is just only a means to acquire knowledge that is needed for having ‘common sense’ in one’s life.

About the Author:
Shanjoy Mairembam (BEng, MBA) is a Business Strategy Consultant based at London (UK). He supports mentoring of young entrepreneurs in ‘conceptualization of ideas into business case’, and offers role of a ‘Business Doctor’ to local NGOs/SMEs in Manipur.

For further info, visit http://www.shanmaiconsulting.com


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Where there is a will, there is a way“. Yes, It sounds good & interesting.

Innovative thinking supported by a strong faith to practically implement the thought is the key to achieve self-dignity & value of the Education received so far. Literally, “Education” means imparting the knowledge about something so as to get freed from ignorance. The focus of this article is on self-analysis of what one can do from the Education so far received in various fields of our academics, and considering “Education” as an exciting Sport rather than a boring subject meant for only intellectuals.

Educational systems are in place in every country so as to impart knowledge to the required individuals. It is the effort of every country to update the prevailing Education System so that their citizens can take the country forward creating a wonderful place to live on this Earth. It will be wrong to view the Educational System as the only way to get one’s source of income of surviving.

Every kid from most families are sent to schools, and then, to colleges, and then, to Universities to learn many courses on various fields. Every family does in turn do expect their wards to get a job after completion of the courses so as to support the family. In such current way of thinking towards the prevailing Education System; everyone of us view “Education” as a boring duty but unavoidable approach to get a job in future for a living in the society.

Here, It’s worth reminding, “When Innovative Thinking stops, the purpose of having one’s Brain simply dies; and thus, the concept of dignity for status of human superiority to other living being doesn’t apply to that individual any more.”

As we know clearly from the literal meaning of “what Education is”, we should be viewing “Education” as an amazing sport event via which one can show dignified leadership over the rest of the others; or which one can achieve the celebrities status like those of Movie Actors & Fashion Models”; or which one can feel maximum fun & enjoyment out of the implementation of the creative Ideas gained via the Education; or which, in short, one can shape the future of any person.

Indeed, the concept being put forward is too hi-fi, but if one tries to do self-reasoning, the concept holds true and practical. It just needs to change one’s mentality & thinking approach from the general process to something different.

Every system is not full proof & everyone has to understand that there is always a way to improve. The Educational system that we have currently is fully tested one and been going on for a long time giving known results. So, we should not be changing just like that because we feel something good today based on some facts.

This article is about the feasible thoughts that one can do out of the current system. As we all can see that – in spite of studying in various professional courses like Engineering, Medicine, etc & many other courses like General Science, General Arts, etc and many more; all students can’t get job or, in short, they can’t get the chance to utilize the knowledge out of the learning received so far.

Here, one has to remind self – “Dreaming for a wonderful career via a proper Education is not the only way of living in one’s life; there are many more important events in life to share & feel with“. Getting Education via schools, colleges are just a part of life, and what life is all about is – how we can live happily with secure mind with our families in the society.

A comparison can be brought between sport & Education – that is – A few sport persons get the medal of success out of luck & hard-work; but millions of sport persons get rusted due to unavoidable injuries & unlucky fates in their careers; Likewise, even though we all go to schools & colleges, and study the same subjects under the same faculties, only a few of us get the intended job out of the courses, while many of us get rusted here & there.

We hear a lot of celebrities in the Fashion World – Miss World, Mrs India, Miss Universe, etc. Modelling People are showing off new ideas and shaping their bodies & dresses to instil a sense of attraction & craziness to follow the similar trends by many of us, so thus creating their own market to exist. Those in the Fashion World & those who are in sink with the modern Fashionable items are considered as High Class people who have higher value of life than the normal citizens in our society. These are the concepts currently prevailing and it is the concept we create; but to be frank, we can create a new concept like “Education as a Wonderful Career in a New Style & Fashion “.

In simple words, ‘Business’ literally means dealing with something to get something out of the Market being created for personal benefit & profit; and, ‘Market’ literally means the scope of business where the business deals are being conducted. In every field of career (let it be Fashion modelling, Sports, Architecture, Farming, Engineering, Medicine, pottery, etc), it is the educational institutions & the educational systems that have huge market areas to get profit. There are many well-learned Graduates in many courses in our Educational System.

Starting from conducting Tuition for students to the lowest level of thought, Education can be considered as a lucrative business market. Here, the only concepts required are the technical skills on that particular course and a business mind-set. Running an engineering college, or a medical college, or a simple school, or a Coaching centre, etc is booming up like anything in India and abroad. All these are due to the understanding of many Business mind-set people with regards to “Education”.

Some people do just look for profit rather than quality of the education that is going to be imparted to the students. For taking up Education as a career option, one needs not to get passed out of the Institutes like Harvard, Oxford, IITs, IIMs, etc; but one needs to prepare how to get the maximum profit out of the resources in front of the individual. Yes, ideas learnt on those prestigious institutes will be helpful; but it is the individual who dare think beyond those institutes.

We can remember these few reasoning’s – “Who says every scientist comes only out of the high class institutes”, “Who says only Doctors, Engineers, MBA graduates are intellectuals superior to the rest of the others”, “Who says someone who hasn’t got enough proper education can’t become Business Tycoons”, “Who says if one doesn’t able to go to good schools or colleges, life is dark forever”, “Who says every high income family belongs to those who have done only professional courses like Engineering or Medicine, etc” and many more.

So, the idea of this article is to let ourselves know that Education is a better means but not the least, to get the idea how shall we shape our career & future to do business. One needs not to wait for the others to change or follow some new ideas. One needs not questions to the others why they don’t try to implement those new ideas first & prove to the rest so as to follow.

It is indeed, we, ourselves, who needs to change, who needs the ideas, for the better of our future & create new career, meaning new business. In short, we can think in this way like – other people are already in good business and it is we who need to create new niche out of their markets to do business for our own profit. There are many innovative ideas already available around us; but the choice is up to the person to decide which one triggers one’s passion.

Well, its time to think a bit different in our approaches, as it is time for the survival of the fittest. It’s time for a new world “Era of Intelligence & Innovations“.

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Today’s world is the “Era of Knowledge & Intelligence“.

Life styles, needs, cultures, and many things have changed a lot since human civilization has progressed so far. Earlier in prehistory, it is the muscle power that is required to gather foods, shelter, protect self, etc. It is the survival of the fittest. But the concept of the survival of the fittest is getting changed & adapted to new eras. Earlier, people are recognized based on caste, place of birth, sex, age, etc in the past years. But, at present, knowledge & intelligence is what decides the status of an individual. We keep on doing something and whenever, we made mistakes on the way, we keep on learning & apply the feedbacks on our lives.

Thus, proper & clear planning is something that is going to make a difference between individuals. People around us are more or less sharing the similar access to knowledge & other facilities. In order to differentiate among us and to lead among us, the concept lies on the implementation of strategic planning.

Steps in executing a plan or thinking are the areas people mostly do emphasized more so as to get success and realization of expected dreams consistently. But, “Change” is something which is bound to happen. So, making a process of ideas to execute a plan is the suggested thinking rather than concentrating on a collection of steps. This article is meant to analyze the possible ways of strategic planning to achieve a preplanned goal.

Mostly, we can have a simple two ways of planning – (1) Top to Bottom Flow (2) Bottom to Top Flow.

The first method “Top to Bottom Flow” refers to the analysis of process & steps as we keep on executing our planning i.e. forward way of looking at things. While, the second method, “Bottom to Top Flow” refers to the analysis of process & steps as if we have gone far up to the end & currently starting to execute our planning i.e. backward way of looking at things.

Both the ways of planning can be effective and these are nothing but the way of looking at things as per one’s capacity & thinking. I do prefer “Bottom to Top Flow” at most situations, though “Top to Bottom Flow” do find its way of needs.

Taking an example, let’s try to understand the concept of strategic planning. The process may comprise of the following steps –

1) Objective: To Become a Doctor/Engineer/Lawyer – Any career being set as goal
2) Current Academic Status: (a) Studying in schools, or, (b) Studying in higher Secondary schools, or, (c) already passes 12th Class. – The prevailing situations on self
3) Current Personal Status: (a) Level of learning capacity, (b) Health situation, (c) Family responsibilities, (d) Financial Situations, (e) Any possible impacts out of personal relations – The Psychological & Physical Conditions of the individual
4) Surrounding Environment: (a) The access to knowledge, (b) The access to any guide, (c) the feasibility of executing the thinking, (c) The level of competition – The situation where the individual has to make the strategic planning
5) Making a detail chart comprising all the needs towards the goal: (a) Date of Exam, (b) Date of Selling Application form, (c) Last date of Submission, (d) Date of Receiving Admit Card, (E) Total Days remaining from the present day till the date of exam, (f) Coverage of topics in the Exam, (f) Question or examination styles, (g) Suggested Books or knowledge banks to refer, (h) Feasibility of access to any guides, (i) Number of people to be selected, (j) Last year’s Statistics & details, (k) Places of examination Schedule, (l) Number of days of exams & the means to study, stay, plan during the exam schedule, (j) any possible disturbances out of anything on the pre-plan goal, (k) any back-up planning to meet any emergencies, (l) Expected date of declaration of exam, (m) Any interviews or any follow-up after the exam and their details – Knowing ‘WHAT’, ‘HOW’, ‘WHERE’, ‘WHEN’, ‘WHO‘ & any other self questionable queries to the Objective
6) Matching the detail chart with self capacity: (a) Physical Health requirement matching with the need, (b) Ability to learn to meet the target within the time slot, (c) Current available resources & help for the goal, (d) Chances of getting through the goal via personal justification – Finding the loopholes on self and the strong points on self with respect to the needs of the goal
7) Learning from the Past – (a) Past similar experience via the past steps used, (b) Any limitations that one had come across & the means to overcome – The way to put lessons learnt from anything in the past i.e. SIMULATIING the problem with things in the past & present

These steps are just a model concept of strategic planning. Each step has to be clearly charted out based on time & conditions. In order to understand the suggested process, let’s try to illustrate via giving proper feedbacks.

Objective: To get through the Medical/Engineering Entrance and study MBBS/BE
Scope: To plan from the current date till the end of the Entrance Exam keeping all the needed planning & resources in to consideration.

1) Students should be aware of what is the life-style & professional culture of a doctor or an engineer; and one should tune one’s personality toward the goal.
2) Students should be aware of what are the various colleges & places where one can study MBBS/BE and should try to know the cost of living, the cost of education, means of communication, social culture, etc.
3) Students should be aware of various Entrance exams via which one is going to get a seat in the prestigious colleges.
4) Students should be aware of schedule & exam styles of the various Entrance Exams and the suggested ways to read notes & plan till the exam end.
5) Students should be aware of the suggested books & notes and the feasibility to understand those resources via self study with less help from a teacher or a guide.
6) Students should be aware of Number of students to be selected & the cut-off marks and thereby pre-guess the chances of getting through the entrance exam.
7) Students should be aware of any issues & disturbances out of any toward the Entrance exam preparations.
8) Students should NOT depend on any individual even the parents/ guardians for gathering of info and requirements toward passing the Entrance exam.
9) Students should develop faith on self planning and punctually follow the planning.
10) Students should preplan the mode of study side by side while some current study is going on, since most exams are done just after academic studies are over, i.e. there is no break for specialized study.
11) Students should stay tune to newspapers, Internet, and any means of media to gather day-to-day info about the examination, feedbacks of earlier candidates, the changes/modifications on the exam styles, places of resources available, means of getting application forms & all the process till the day of writing exam, matching the exam preparation schedule with current work, etc.

Thus, a properly analyzed planning to achieve a goal can be set if one try to question on self, like how a physiatrist treat a mentally ill patient by simply just asking questions & questions. So, the planning is not just about Engineering or Medical Entrance Exam. The same can be also prepared for prestigious exams like Civil Service Exams, NDA/CDA, IES, IFS, etc.

It is worth to remember – “Where there is a will, There is a way“. None can help an individual; less the individual realize the need via self understanding. If one just depends for simple & silly things on parents to gather info or knowledge about exams & colleges to study, then, only God knows how strong the interest is on the goals. It is suggested to get via self searching & self learning, if someone really desires to realize the dreams on reality, rather than depending on parents or some teachers, or somebody’s guides. Life will be miserable, when the guide is lost in one’s life though he/she has help in the past incidents.

Thus, we all know that kids are required to be forced via some strict rule to teach in Nurseries. Then, the teacher need to give home-works to students to make them know the studies in schools. Then, the teacher needs to teach in the class so that students can take notes to study in Higher Secondary Schools. Then, the teacher needs to just guide the students in college to teach them in colleges. Then, the students need to think by self in Universities for studies. The point worth reminding here is that “For learning, one need not to wait for any; what one need is just the simple enthusiastic style of being a kid who is eager to know & who keeps on asking why & what“.

Now, it is the time of rule by intelligence & power of knowledge. Things are getting changed being compared to the past. It is the time to change the self mentality & life-style so that we are recognized & understood in the society. Better plan today and get the fruit of success tomorrow.

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This article is based on the responses I got from many adorable readers of my earlier articles in e-pao.net regarding how to grow with the knowledge of IT in our current scenario in Manipur & North-Eastern Indian; if not we are able to work in reputed firms and software industries like other friends and neighbor colleagues; the reason being… In order to get into reputed software firms, one needs to be excellent in software knowledge and should be from reputed institutes in India.

So, what benefits we can get via the courses that we join and learn via some institutes; if not we are able to study those professionals like BE or MCA or other courses. Well, I am going to point out the possible career options and dreams that can be achieved with the little IT knowledge that we have. So, this article is purely based on my analysis of how to use the knowledge we have gain via some computer/ IT courses via some institutes and how far we can grow with that knowledge in the current scenario in Manipur and North-Eastern India; if not we are not able to get into reputed software firms in India.

Before I go on discussing on career options for those who has just the ego to learn and play around with computers (only that much if not with high qualifications); let me give a brief idea about the high-end options available in the current software industry environment so that this idea acts as the benchmark/ dream for the fellow enthusiastic persons who would like to be an achiever in the software field. Currently the software jobs in India are many and plenty though the nature of the jobs may be classified like software development or software testing or IT enabled jobs like BPO and other industries.

Let’s not go into various definitions of software jobs. But, briefly jobs may be in the domains, of Networking – Switching & Routing (CISCO, ALCATEL, NORTEL, etc); of Datacom – Networking protocols/Mobile technologies (Motorola, Siemens, Nokia, etc); of Consumer Electronics (Philips, LG, etc); of Mainframe Technologies (IBM, CSC, etc); of Embedded technologies (Dell, Delphi, Motorola, etc); of Enterprise domains (Wipro, Infosys, TCS, etc.); many more…. Getting into these high profile companies requires a good qualification and good institute. If not, one has to pass many reputed certification exams like Cisco certified, Microsoft certified, Oracle certified, Linux certified, etc and a good number of year of experience.

So, these jobs are not about smaller projects that a group of people just can complete and sell as products. These are ongoing process and there is no time limit as such to complete project as many more features are added after every release so as to attract customers from other competitors… More or less, Indian companies are service companies due to financial constraints… Indian companies are less oriented to product based ideology so as not to clash the market share with the present clients they have.

There is no stopping for any well qualified Engineers to get into these Multi National Companies (MNCs) if they are from reputed engineering colleges like NITs, IITs, or other well-known colleges in India. So, this is a brief idea about the various MNCs and Indian companies… I wont be going into the details of career options after BE (various branches) or MCA as such; though I would mention a brief to make youngsters understand. Then, the question is if we are not among those highly qualified Engineers from those reputed colleges and institutions or, if we are not BE graduates, what benefits, we will get from learning other computer courses from other institutes like NIIT, SSI, etc. So, the full article is just about that…. If not I am working in those big hi-fi companies; how to earn enough money to become millionaire if not Billionaire…

In Engineering field, there are many branches and broadly, they can club into two sections from the industry’s perspective: Circuit Branches & Non-Circuit Branches. Circuit Branches may include Information Technology (IT), Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electronics, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electrical, Telecommunications, Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Electronics & Instrumentation (E& I), etc…. Non-Circuit Branches may include Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bio-Tech Engineering, etc…

In every branches, nowadays, Knowledge of basic Computer and applications along with software’s’ related to the branch is a must. Software/ IT companies look the circuit branches under one perspective though in some specific cases, particular branch is preferred to others. The question is then, why so many various branches and which one to study??? Studying Bachelor of Engineering (BE) is very basic and there is very little knowledge that can be applied to the industry environment or work place. The basic principle here is the student should grab the basic idea of fundamentals & principles and should have the enthusiasm to learn and think newly with the related field as such while in B.E. So, the company doesn’t take much time giving basic training to get the things done to those Fresh Engineers from various related branches. For other courses like MCA, Software companies prefer less compared to BE graduates and there are many fields that MCA graduates find hard to enter as they don’t have basic engineering background.

Well regarding other courses, like BCA or B.Sc. (computer) or other courses; they are more or less replica of BE course. So, Software companies find hard to trust and believe the courses’ possible outcomes and utility. But good news is that some companies like Wipro has started recruiting those B.Sc. (Mathematics/Computer/Electronics) or BCA students to work like those BE graduates by providing them to pursue M.Sc. (software Engineering from BITS, Pillani) while adapting them & making aware to the various software projects and development domains with some stipends per month. Or there is less options for those graduates and they need to continue further studies as the companies don’t expect or believe the quality from these certificate courses though the courses may be good to learn.

Well let’s not go in-depth to those careers options for BE graduates. Even those who don’t get into the various software companies via either in campus placements or out-campus also need to look out other options. So let’s concentrate now on those other options available.

The basic learning’s that most need to have for a career in software industry may include
1) A programming language (like C or C++ or Java or any)
2) The software life cycle (i.e. the brief idea about how to go about planning, designing, coding and testing to bring out a software product).
3) Front-End software (like HTML, ASP, VB, etc for designing the user interface)
4) Back-End software (MS-Access, Oracle, DB-2, etc for using as database for enterprise projects)
5) Multimedia software (like Maya, Macromedia, etc for designing games, videos and many interesting fun & creative stuffs)……. So it goes on like this…

The planning can be in many ways. I will do suggest some feasible projects which would just need the enthusiasm to play around with computers only but will fetch huge money in return. Before going ahead into any project, the very necessary things at first are as follows,
1) The project domain (the coverage of the project in terms of technical perspective)
2) The market area (the places and group of people to whom the software product is meant for)
3) The financial and intellectual needs (the amount required to lunch the project and the man-power to complete and sustain in future too… along with the required technical knowledge’s)
4) The basic idea of approach to software development (i.e. software life cycle so as to make aware of the proper approach to the development of the software product)
5) Integrity and proper management (the whole process has to be divided among the group of people undertaking the project with confidentiality and trust to the software project)

Some suggested projects are
1) Online Tutorial for various courses from high school to universities/ for various entrance exams like Medical entrance, engineering entrance, 10th exam, 12th exam, degree exam, etc..
(This project can be done in many ways under many levels to replace cum enhance the current deteriorating education system in Manipur and even whole over India)

A) Technical knowledge:
(1) User interface à Multimedia software’s like Macromedia Flash or HTML or VB or any
(2) Scripting Language à Java script or VB scripts or any
(3) Database à Oracle, MS-SQL if going to be fully web based. Or any other ideas
(4) Documents and notes à the notes from reputed professors/teachers in the related field and recommended books, etc

B) Market Area:
(1) Coverage meant for High Schools or Higher Secondary or College or University
(2) Coverage meant for Manipur University/Board or other universities
(3) Coverage in English or other languages
(4) Coverage in CD based or Online web-based or Tutor based Power point presentation
(5) Coverage in Text mode or visual mode or audio mode
2) Billing system for grocery shops, textile shops, departmental shops, hotels, Cinema Halls, Net-café usage, CD Corner, Hospital billing, government taxing, etc. (This project can be done to bring out computerization in various government and many other institutions)

Requirements: (like above … just as examples)
A) Technical Knowledge:
(1) VB for user interface
(2) Oracle for database
B) Market Area:
(1) Shops, government offices, hospitals, etc wherever billing is needed.
3) Games and E-Greeting Gifts/Cards
à (This project can be done in various ways just like time pass but. Earning in huge profits by selling)

(A) Technical Requirements:
(1) Any Multimedia software just to make the kids and game lovers exciting (2) Web-based E-cards for any celebrations and greetings by having a site for that (3) Having a tie up with some electronic firms to develop toys, gaming devices with the ideas of the game development
(B) Market Area:
(1) Through out the whole world
4) Many Web-based activities for Promoting Tourism, for learning History and culture of Manipur, career counseling, Sharing expertise in Agriculture/ medicine/ fishery/ education/ Nursing, etc

So, like these options, there can be many more options available related to many other field of daily day-today life if not in some professions. So, there is less worry and pity to feel if we are not able to work in those reputed software firms. At least we ourselves can become entrepreneurs and think of what software firms we can establish. Thus, these small ideas could lead to the path of great ideas and renowned software firms or consulting firms in future. BIG ACHIEVEMENTS INDEED …. YES… IT IS… “JUST THE THINKING MAKES PEOPLE DIFFERENT”.

So, Dear IT Guys and Gals … there is a lot that can be done with less finance. But it needs strong will-power and ambitions to achieve. So, let’s do something GREAT and I am sure… we can earn not just money in millions but fame & dignity.

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