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Availability of govt jobs has almost dried up in Manipur state. Getting recruited into govt jobs are also extremely tough requiring bribing and having contacts with govt ministers/officials. If one compares the amount likely to incur to get a govt job with the amount one will get as salary in the lifespan of that job, it’s mostly obvious that one will be running into debt for the sake of getting a govt job. Young graduates have almost no industry jobs to work within Manipur except leaving outside Manipur to look for job. So, the question is – ‘isn’t there any other career option for young graduates in Manipur?’


There is the saying – ‘Where there is problem, there is the opportunity waiting to be unlocked’. It’s now left to self how one approaches the problem. Another interesting saying is – ‘When you got nothing to lose, why not take the chance?’ So, how about planning to own a business as one graduates and becomes the ‘Boss of own life and other employees’.

Anyone who just passed 12th standard (i.e. 17th/18th yrs of age) is already sufficient to be in the world of business. By that age and qualification, one has got the basic education (reading, writing, calculation, social common sense, world we live in) and also, the physical and mental strengths to lead. May be what’s still missing for running/owning a business is the will power and extra guidance/tips on that business setup.

The ultimate formula for a business is based on the simple mathematics equation of ‘Profit or Loss = Selling Price – Cost Incurred’. By considering how to maneuver the parameters on right hand side of the equation, the result on the left hand can be impacted accordingly. To understand concept of a business; try to imagine how a local shop operates, how a school functions, how a rickshaw driver works, how elderly women at Keithel (i.e. Photpham Phambi) make a living, etc.

If a ‘Business’ is to be demystified, it can be viewed as activities happening in three aspects;

(1) Legal/Financial Accounting – A business needs to be a legal entity thereby requiring a registration to operate and show financial statements annually for Income Tax filing. The govt lays down regulations (including tax benefits and supports) for doing business in that industry sector and the region where it operates.

(2) Continued Justification of a Business Case – The logic behind purpose of doing business has to be appropriate at any instant of time throughout lifespan of the business. A business can’t continue to run if incurring losses beyond permissible limit of operation, or business has failed to achieve minimum targets as expected by promoters or shareholders.

(3) Sales-Production-Procurement logic – Any business goes with this concept of ‘get something’, ‘add value on that something’, and then ‘sell off that modified something by making some benefits (e.g. money)’.

While studying a degree course in a college within Manipur, a youth can focus on how to setup a business before graduating. The college may have few basic ingredients that may be helpful to the business setup – such as access to library, buildings, high bandwidth internet, academic staffs, like-minded friends, local communities, industry professionals and govt officials, etc. Also, the similar resources in Manipur University, Central Agricultural University and other higher education institutes in Manipur can be utilized for own business setup support. There are development grants provided by various govt ministries in each district which youths can apply for business setup. Also, youths can avail training support provided by state govt departments (e.g. Manipur Skill Development Society) and central govt departments (e.g. ministry of DoNER) from time to time.

What’s worth reminding herein is ‘Life is not a SPRINT, but a MARATHON’. Graduating from a college is not just the end of life or start of a career. Also, ‘What’s the difference of doing and not doing a degree course in Manipur?’ in the sense that ‘Will someone give the graduate a job in Manipur after graduation?’ Time of youth is to try to find out the purpose of life and what one is best at doing things. One may always fall back on parents to restart a life/career again till age of 20-25th yrs. All the big businesses and organizations we treasure today (e.g. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple) are built by youths in the age of 15yrs-30yrs. So, why not try and take the chance when feasible. Get a business mentor today and start thinking now.

About the Author:

Shanjoy Mairembam (BEng, MBA) is a Business Strategy Consultant based at London (UK). He supports mentoring of young entrepreneurs in ‘conceptualization of ideas into business case’, and offers role of a ‘Business Doctor’ to local NGOs/SMEs in Manipur.

For further info, visit http://www.shanmaiconsulting.com; E-mail: shanjoym (at) gmail (dot) com


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On personal views, I am sharing how Engineering graduates can look forward once they start working as software engineers in various Software Companies after college. The idea can be applicable to other graduates working in various fields of profession after college or Universities as well. Due to our current Academic Education Systems, we are urged to view studying academic degrees & career as the ultimate thing in our lives that everyone has to do compulsorily with tremendous self-pressure. Most of the students in colleges & schools are urged to be among rank-holders. They are being asked to get job and then, even after that our struggle for better career do not stop. Thus, there may be a lot of self-questioning doubts – what exactly we are doing and what we are supposed to do once we get job after our College Educations.

Struggles in Academic days in colleges or Universities are far less compared to the struggles in corporate world. There comprise things like neither friendship nor any kind of emotional sharing of thoughts among people; but just that people are colleagues or partners to complete the job assigned. The real struggle of living & understanding the world will start once a student is into work-environment. A lot of changes will be on the way of entry into corporate world –

1) Work Ethics – Ethical understanding of what to do & how to do in Work-environment
2) Personality Adjustment – Conflict of personal behaviors & work-environment
3) Company Culture – Multi-cultural understanding among the employees across the global locations
4) Balancing of Personal life & Job-requirements – Family commitment versus Project Datelines
5) Urge for growth in career – Comparison of things attached to self with peers & other people
6) Many more….Serious topics to think about… because. It’s about the real life and not like those days of college or schools where mistakes or faults can be considered to be forgiven once or twice.

If we closely look into the nature of skills to be possessed by every working person in any kind of job; we will be able to find three main areas whose degrees of involvement are varied according to the job responsibilities & nature of job. They are –

1) Technical Role
2) Human Role
3) Business Role

So, every person under any designations will have the above three roles with varying percentage of capacity. But, we have to realize that as our career grows; the percentage of involvement increased towards the lower side (i.e. Technical side to Business side). Life in any career can be considered as if a kind of Business. People having sound knowledge of Business role will survive fluctuations in life rather than those with higher skills of Technical role. All the three skills are indeed required and all of them are a MUST for any level of work-positions in any Organization.

Here, the word “CHOICE” matters the most – because, every individual has to decide on how far one wishes to go ahead in career. But, one has to understand and think carefully that personal lives other than career are also to be looked into more in-detailed; since unless there is a balance & clarity on the complete picture of what the individual is supposed to do in life, there can be big issues in life. We have to remember that – Rewards & Medals in career is not the only thing which says a person is a good human being; since Career is just the means of living and our life as such is the main road which we have to think carefully.

Engineering Graduates will be surely happy that they have started working in big branded companies & they have started earning good salaries every month. They will be sometimes motivated to learn anything and at times, they will be also curious to know what exactly is going on corporate world. Everything in offices will be seemed as just about works and nothing more than that. Everyone in the office will come to office to work and go back home once their daily works are completed. At times, these newly graduated Engineers will start feeling that things are repeating again & again. They will start asking what is going on – is this life or is this way to live on till the last day, or many more…

Let me share my view directly so as to understand practically for things related to job & future planning for career in industries to some extent.

1) Learn the technical works & domain knowledge of what a person is exactly doing in a project at the starting of one’s career. Have the technical ability to explain the project to any person from any technical domain other than the own project members). Reason self technically with queries and try to answer them.
-> This will help the individual to understand the probable questions which other companies may ask when he/she goes for interviews & also it will enhance the skills & mindset of technical works in the current project.

2) 2 years of working in the same project or in the same company is a bit long journey nowadays. If a person keeps on working in the same project for 10 years still more, he/she may indeed learn more about the product and yes, he/she may be promoted to project leader or project manager in future. It’s really good that each individual will grow up technically on what they do and indeed, they will get satisfaction for what they have worked. May be their Bosses will also say “Well Done, Good Work“… But, each one will not be sure whether their success is on the right ladder or wrong ladder. At the same time, the individual has to create enthusiasms to learn & know as much as they could during the 2yr time frame. Because, the years of experience has to match according to the knowledge & skills one has to acquire.

-> Let me explain via drawing a diagram to understand the reality.

Try drawing many straight lines from the centre of meeting point of X-Axis & Y-Axis. These lines will be representing the learning & work-experience in years an individual has spent. An individual may know many skills on various technical areas, or may have personal learning on many fields or may even is excellent on some of the skills other than the current job or work.

BUT, one should keep a check on market value i.e. what one knows and what one works, so as to have a value in terms of which customer/manager who is accepting the ideas or product will rate a weightage or the value of the individual’s work. Knowing too much on something which has less value that the individual can sell makes less sense, because, he/she will be not recognized to the extent he/she should be.

So the Market value will not only refer to monetary terms but also a sense of satisfaction on self & also from Customers or peers. Example:- In the resume of Campus placement, students may mention that they know C, C++, JAVA, ORACLE,, etc. but, in future course of career, no company will recognize these knowledge unless the person has worked on a company project in his/her overall experience; and even if the person have worked on company projects, the future companies will look to the latest experience only; because, companies want only the best people for the particular task they are in need. So, one has to be specialist on some which has high returns – Remember… Most will find this term many a times – ROI [Return on Investment].

3) Either one has to be technically very strong n go on the way to create new ideas to make new product so as to sustain own company in the future; or, one can the technical skills and move on finding other similar careers to excel and show own strengths. Engineers are in-fact just workers and they are the work-force of a company.

And, what we need to realize is that – when the Company management or share-holders say that – they are closing the company or they are changing their business from Java-Oriented company to C++ oriented company or from one technical field to another, or may be even dumping the full business domain & move to others; then, the engineers will loose jobs.

In fact, the knowledge/skills learnt by the engineers will find difficulties to showcase themselves on other domains of new jobs. Moreover, to become Technical Architects or Topmost Experts on any technical domain, an engineer not only requires 15-20 years of experience on the product/job, but also, the engineers should have been provided the chance to grow with positions n responsibilities by the employing company. But, Remember, The Employer/Company may have already changed the business by then, or may be the technology is no more valid. So, the risk factor & luck factor matters a lot in pure technical domain career.

-> So, the best way of gaining technical knowledge n utilizing the success of the knowledge is – learn the process & business models too along with having couple of years of experience on technical domain and utilize the ideas on other Business Domains. Again, how many years one has to spend on technical terms is not what is to be really considered as experience, if someone is indeed going ahead with new business ideas.

What responsibilities one has done, what role one has played, how far one has co-coordinated with team-members & clients, many more are required. But, as the competition among peers is also there… one may not get the chance just like that, and he/she may not even be given the chance.. So, a lot of thinking & planning has to be done both technically & behaviorally in advance for career growth & peace of mind.

4) Instead of working as employees under the banner of some company, it’s better to have own business & run as employers. It will not only enable to face the challenges of work, but also the efforts will be recognized by everyone. Here, the word is about entrepreneurships in the domain we are good; or even if our knowledge is not that sufficient for that kind of big ambitions, we can at least be top Bosses on some big companies.

-> To become project leader, then project manager, then Technical manager, then higher up positions are all not just about time-bound or experience bound concepts. There also involves a lot of politics & inter-personal relations, because everyone will like to be BOSS. With the passage of years while working, everyone will slowly realize all; but, why not learn today, so that one can use the knowledge for the better of tomorrow. Thinking Hi-Fi is good, but realizing by simulations at present is better option. First of all, one’s behavior & attitude have to be molded w.r.t. the practical personal inter-relations, i.e. what is there in book & what is there in mind are not applicable directly in reality, because this is not an IDEAL WORLD.

5) Anyone can work anywhere for any customers or organizations and live comfortably as every other does. But, Question self – why not try to create own opportunities via which one can work similarly in Manipur or for Manipur or something related or near to our family in Manipur or at least a sense of Manipuriness. One can earn & learn technically more n more. But, just with an engineer’s earning alone can’t help one’s own family or many families of our relatives in Manipur.

It’s not about finding what problem Manipur or people or our relatives have; but, it’s about how to solve issues using our ideas & our skills. The main concept is – Share the smile & learning with fellow friends & relatives in Manipur; because, there is no limit to career growth & none can take anything when the last day comes in our lives. One may have tried building a big empire of own, but once he/she is out of picture, it may not take even a year to vanish the whole empire into history.

-> One should try to use one’s strength to the full extent. So, preparation & planning has to be done from Day-1 of professional career. I am not saying that we should jump directly into Manipur and start working immediately. One has to use the intellectual & scientific reasoning to find the answer to issues and give solutions. If one wishes to do something big, one needs knowledge & Money. Well, remember the saying – CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND… It’s worthless to run after chances, but, it’s reasonable to get prepared and, if chance comes, we strike it and win it. Being a Manipuri, I feel that we ought to do give back something we can. Creating Ideas & working jobs for people in other countries or states or firms are more or less same as if working for people in Manipur; but, its just a choice one has to make. Because, unless we try to do something for ourselves, none will come forward with personal interest.

6) During the early phase of professional career, it’s good to come out of India and work abroad so that one could not only save huge money, but also realize the life-style & thinking people have there. With traveling & getting in-touch with various people, one will get the chance to realize the technical dreams & also big ambitions (if by chance). One will learn to make friendship with big buddies too (if by chance). Working aboard for 1 year is indeed similar to working in India for 3 years in terms of Salary & money that one can save due to variation in currency values. Secondly, Companies will respect & reward for the international experiences, when he/she comes back to India & try to become Team-Leads technically. Thirdly, one will have better idea how to interact with clients in future via teleconferences & mails, etc.

So, 2 yrs in India and then 3 yrs outside India; and then, Planning for higher studies in a good Business School, or even continuing on technical fields is the better option in software profession.. But, we ought to keep the trust that we will surely think about ideas to make new changes in Manipur, both technologically & socially. Because, that is what I expect as return from others for sharing my ideas (it’s not a must, but it’s understood internally by default).

Its is the right time to look beyond what one can see as software engineer, because, by 2010-1015; economic Boom in India, China & South-East Asia is for sure under the current Trent.. and at that time, why we should work as mere engineer or technical manager… why not we choose to work as General Manager of a huge software firm or CEO of our own firm. FIRST BELIEF SELF THAT WE CAN DO IT… BIG DREAMS… yes… So…INDEED BIG INVESTMENT & PLANNING REQUIRED… But we also need to have SOME SECURITIES.. FOR SELF TO FALL BACK if our plans don’t work out…We do need motivation & care at every step.

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Exam results are declared for 12th Standard and again the same old story of puzzles with regards to future of these students crops up again. This article will only discuss about the steps & guidelines a young teenager has to take with regards to career & personal life after clearing the 12th Standard. This article will also only talk about the underlying reasons of suggesting the choice, but each career paths after 12th standard will be discussed in upcoming articles.

Most parents would either tease or praise based on the score card of their wards. People will always wish the rank holders and tease the rest with inferiority attitude. Neither the students themselves nor the parents are interested in knowing beforehand what exactly should have been afforded to pass through the exams with flying colors. Everyone is interested in the result, but, in fact, someone has to do the ground work for the result to be good. It is said true that surrounding environment makes the basis of the welfare of the young teenagers studying in schools. Good schools, good teachers, and, good educational coaching does help grooming young teenagers to excel in the academic exams.

Well, we would discuss things required before hand in another article. Now, we should think about how a young teenager ought to decide the future course of their career & life, so that there is effective utilization of self effort with respect to the actual capability of internal instinct.

Behold, Dear young teenagers, here are some facts to cheer up for you all. Not all toppers make up to the lists of dignitaries recognized in the society for their contributions to mankind. List of toppers in the exams are few and there are thousands who comprised the rest of the students. So no need to feel sorry about that if one has indeed tried using the strength one has. To be a topper in exams is indeed a good feeling; but the more important criteria to justify one’s worth is to verify self how much one has achieved success, while using how much percentage of self resource. Some students come out of well-groomed families and have had good education.

Now, the concept should be in such a new way like – whether We are unable to get quality education at schools or we are unable to get access to all those facilities for grooming students to be brilliant in academics, we will have to win the game with the effective utilization of resources around us and try to gather those we need somehow. Yes, past academic performance does come for preview in future career struggle; but the world is changing very fast. It’s now like – If you could win today irrespective of what you are yesterday; you are the undisputed winner till date. So, let’s try to analyze the future how one is suggested to lead by today’s teenagers.

The society, the industries, the government, the world, everything is going to be in the hand of Today’s Teenagers. So, every teenager in schools should be proud of that very true reality that they are the Masters of the Future; and it should be taken as a knock-out tournament, where everyone will be decided on how well they can play when the time comes in future.

The so-called education that we all are receiving via, schools, college & universities; are just for gaining knowledge to be able to realize our self-worth. For living, we need three basics – food, shelter, clothes. One has to earn somehow and realize the three basics of livelihood. The society comprises of many aspects of job prospects to realize the same. In fact, one does not need to formally undergo all such educational courses to become a billionaire or just be able to lead a comfortable life (not just the three basics of livelihood). But, undergoing a suitable educational course helps the individual to recognise the self worth to gain respect in the particular career and live with satisfaction.

As per the current education system, it is felt that after 12th standard, a teenager can be finally molded in a specific trait of livelihood. So, there come many diverged career aspects – Engineering, Medical, Legal, Nursing, Arm Forces, Arts, Literatures, etc.

The school authorities & parents should be sharing the future prospects while the young teenagers are undergoing classes in the schools. If anything has to be planned for future career path, each teenager should have gathered info – right from the first day of 11th standard, since the entrance exams of most of the professional courses cover questions from the syllabus of both 11th & 12th standards. Getting good scores & being among the top ranks in the exam results of 12th board exam is a good achievement; but getting success in such exams is not fully worth unless one is able to get a decent job to earn livelihood in future, or create ideas to earn livelihood, or inspire self to excel in some traits to gain recognition in their professional lives. Studying just for the sake of formality i.e. other friends are also studying in schools or colleges do not make sense; and every teenager has to have time to think about the future.

Human life, as we can understand, has the average lifespan of 70-75, at present, instead of theoretical 100 years or so. And the period between 15-25 years are crucial for one’s professional career & also for one’s youthful lives. Whatever one has learned and gathered enough is what one is going to utilize for the remaining 50 plus years of life. So, one has to balance both the aspects of life. The mind of teenagers are like warriors who fear nothing, and who is ready to go ahead any hurdles once decided on something, whether right or wrong from the perspective of future aspiration. Not just a teenager has to focus on the academic excellence but also the need to build up self personality to be able to stand up bold with head held high with dignity should be groomed.

Today’s toppers seem to be a bit shy from social & leadership traits, because of the current theoretical education system. They seem to be more of robots programmed to execute some activities whose button is handled by some other individuals. Technical skills & medals of getting among the toppers in academic exams hold no good unless, one develops one’s personality to be able to speak up in front of the huge gathering of dignitaries, to be able to analyze & think the general concept in addition to the academic meaning of the various theories in books, to be able to realize the social responsibilities, and so on.

Being a topper just on getting good score in exams is not a sign of excellence & brilliant, but rather it is just a sign of good executive who just follow the guidelines. Anyone can be toppers in such exams if one studies smart – knowing the already available textbooks & notes and following a punctual time-table with examination tactics. But, the real exam is the life as how one has to go ahead. So, teenagers should concentrate both on academic front and personal fronts, since, personal front can make or break the goal in the academic front. There needs a trade-off between the two aspects of life.

For a comfortable future, every teenager has to realize the basic need to groom self during the age span of 15-25 years. For a healthy future, one has to take care of good food & healthy habits. One needs to look for good friendly environment & inspiring culture to motivate for future career. If things are not okay today, every teenager has to create the same somehow with some plus & minus. Every teenager needs to think of the reality that their parents are soon going to old enough to take care of them as they are in the age of 45-60. So, they too needs affectionate care from their wards and today’s teenagers should keep these facts too while planning for the future professional career & personal lives.

As one grows up, life seems to be more complex than expected while being kids. Moreover, it looks like everything is just left to the teenagers to think and decide. Everyone needs guidance or info or at least good friend-circle to breathe comfortably to share thoughts. Every teenager should speak up instead of compressing the issues & thoughts like the pressure inside the pressure cooker. Instead of blaming others, even our parents for everything, every teenager should try to find a way out to deal with issues or thoughts relating to personal life, professional life, and so on.

So, if not one’s past is great, one can still making future bright if we don’t loose fate on self. It is just that each & every teenager needs to find out some space & individuals to chat to understand their own instincts to guide for their future.

Lastly, a quote that worth reminding is – “The future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams“.

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