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Market Research on needs for management support to business and social enterprises in Manipur

Project Overview

An up-to-date report is necessary on the working profile of the numerous non-profit organizations and companies operating in Manipur. This will enable understanding the bottlenecks hampering their growth and impact of their presence to the socio-economic conditions of Manipur.

Project Objective

(1)    To create a database of non-profit organizations and business enterprises operating in Manipur

(2)    To identify key management related issues hampering the growth of enterprises in Manipur

(3)    To evaluate enterprise support resources and systems across industries available in Manipur

Project Methodology and Analysis Approach

  • Surveys (online and paper-based) and interviews (one-to-one and group)
  • Literature review on management journals and research papers
  • Review on available enterprise support resources from Govt/public sources and private firms

Project Deliverables

(1)    A database of business and social enterprises operating in Manipur

(2)    A report on feedbacks/interests from enterprises in Manipur for management support services

(3)    A SWOT report on each enterprise support system available in Manipur

Project Duration

6-weeks; Feb 20th – April 1st 2012

Info for Researcher to conduct the Consultancy Project

  • Stipend Offered: INR 6000 (INR 4000 for research consultancy; INR 2000 for travel expenses)
  • Essential Skill : Data collection and report presentation, researching journals/papers/online
  • Desired Skill: Travel and face-to-face interview of officials in govt, companies and organisations
  • Desired Qualification: Research Degree / PhD / MBA / Graduate with relevant experience
  • Feasibility to adapt the project as internship project for students [conditions apply]

Selection Process

  • An application letter (along with CV) to be submitted by email to shanjoym (at) gmail (dot) com explaining how to conduct the project citing earlier experiences and skills
  • Online interview (via Skype or gmail or yahoo) for only invited candidates; and also possibly a face-to-face interview at Imphal
  • Project to be offered on first come first basis and capability only, though last date for application is 12th Feb 2012

Project Sponsor: Shanjoy Mairembam [Shan Mai Consulting Ltd, UK]

shanjoym (at) gmail (dot) com;  http://www.linkedin.com/in/shanjoymairembam

Also info available at: http://www.slideshare.net/shanjoym/market-research-for-msben-project-advert


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