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Dear All,
I am offering consulting projects to MBA students for the period ‘2010-2011’ focusing majorly in Moirang (Manipur, India) and Manipur/North-East India with global outlook.
Interested students can contact me to take the discussion further. Having an academic supervisor from the respective institute is mandatory. Financial assistance for undertaking the project is available. Minimum project period is 3-months (subject to norms of respective institutions). Some projects may involve surveys and visits to Moirang. Currently, the projects are being advertised to the MBA students of Manipur University. Contact me if anyone else is interested ASAP. Few competent students are likely to be recruited at the end of the internship projects.
Project Areas:
(I) Industry
– Energy (Renewable Power, Home Consumer Products)
– Tourism (Brand Promotion, Merchandising)
– Retail (Fish Products, Artifacts/Paintings, Comics/Short Stories)
– Education (Career Services, Knowledge Management)
(II) Scope
– Market/Industry Research (size, share, barriers, customer, 4Ps, Porter’s 5 Forces, SWOT, Value Chain, etc)
– Business Model Generation & Business Plan Implementation
– Funding & Financial Projections
– Interaction with Govt & non-govt organisations (including PESTLE analysis)
(III) MBA Domains
– Marketing
– Finance
– Operations
– Human Resource
– IT
Download the list of projects from the link below


Few projects will be given to a number of students with different final deliverables.
E-mail to following details to my ID: shan_mairembam (at) yahoo(dot)co(dot)in
Selection Criteria:
(1) CV (1-page/2-pages explaining education, skills acquired, work/non-work experience)
(2) Cover Letter (How does the project profile match the candidate’s skills and interest?)
(3) Proposal Letter (A draft recommendations on how to achieve the project objectives)]

Shanjoy Mairembam


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