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Hello dear school pass-out guys and gals… I hope, everyone will be dreaming about the chemistry and life styles of being in a college. On the other way, Many will be puzzling which career to proceed, which course to study, which college to get admitted, which place in India is better of study, which place is cost effective, and many more. This article is to make, many of you, feel that there are people like us ready to extend help in the form of guidance and knowledge share about the future career goals.

The Life, we are living, is the full time job; whereas, what we are studying and trying to achieve in life i.e. career is the means to live. So, feel free to think and dream big dreams; if any of you feel that with the enthusiasm, with the faith, with the background, you all have, you could be among those professionals and great people in various fields of career & life. It is the struggle of the survival in every field of life and career.

The real life and career making of an individual starts with the completion of plus two (+2) and getting into college. The discussion in this article will be focus on the few options available within the Indian higher education system – a little of different courses, future growth, and tips the youngsters should focus on, etc. Basically, we do hear about the professional courses like Engineering, Medical Sciences, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing, Arm Forces (NDA), etc.

On the other way, we do have general B.Sc., B.Com, B.A courses in various universities under the UGC. The best way to get to know and feel the educational features available in most universities and places in India is to get to know via surfing internet and query via many possible sources. Here, I would like to give the emphasis on self searching and self deciding which course and what to do… all of the duties. The youngsters should depend less on the parents, as its time… to wake up and see the world.

The education system is Manipur is more or less paralysed. Most parents will be now focusing on the other states for further study. There are many more complex issues than just choosing the college and places which are career specific. On the other side, there are many more issues ranging from exposure to new culture, exposure to new freedom, exposure to new life-styles, etc.

Parents and youngsters should give equal and important emphasis on both the needs. It should be discouraged to believe whatever someone says about a college or place without clear facts and figures. Most of time, because of some consultant people, or some guides; many good students get into trouble both in terms of career choice & college.

Many parents waste a lot of money and sometimes, even after spending huge amount, admissions to preferred courses & colleges are not made. As we have the old proverb, look before you leap. It is really difficult to explain via this simple article what is right and what is suggested. Care should be taken and try to get all the information’s in hand earlier before taking up any decisions.

Regarding professional courses like B.E and MBBS; many parents will be crazy enough to get wards admitted. Here also, the suggestion is that, there are many colleges who just get students admitted if given donations. Parents should be careful to note that; in case of any colleges where professional courses are opened, the reputation of the college, company interface, college infrastructure, etc. many are to be analysed; or the career will not be as bright as imagined earlier, in future.

Competition for job openings is tough as more and more people pass out every year from various colleges in all over India. For any professional courses, the college where the student passed out tells the destiny of the future career. So, parents and youngsters should not blindly study BE, MBBS, or any other professional courses just like that in a college.

Regarding general courses, like B.Sc. B.A. & B.Com. etc … the courses are still comparable to those of the professional courses. Only fact is that, the focus should be given what and which course to study after the graduation. For professional courses, graduation is sufficient to lead a career out of the learning. But, for general courses, which course, one is going to pick up after graduation, will show the final career path of the student.

There are course like MBA, and many other central service exams, and many more. So, students who are unable to study professional courses should never feel shy and loose heart. Only doctors and engineers are not human beings; there is many more way of life & career, to shine in life. In reality, professional courses’ students mean the skilful workers, while, general courses’ students mean the skilful managers/officers/intellectuals.

Thinking just makes everything different. Keep sending mails and queries to other people to get to know how far one can realise the dreams into reality in the career one wishes to shine someday. But, first of all, do the homework. Search information in the internet, inquire people, have self analysis, have most of the possible information and then, ask which one is okay and suitable; not the explanation just from the start of the story till the end.

Regarding the other part of issues to be taken care, every parent should understand the complexity that remains ahead when a young guy or gal comes out of home state to other states for study or any other activities. A lot of changes are encountered at every moment whenever the individual passes by.

We do see many brilliant students getting spoil after going out of Manipur, many getting addicted to bad habits and many more… There are a lot of psychological impacts on the mind of the youngsters, as they are thrown into the control of self. Only God & faith knows what lies on their way. It is really very difficult to explain and suggest what really should be taken care by the youngsters or by the parents.

I would be delighted to write articles latter describing each situation in details along with suggestions. So, the parents and the youngsters should give a deep thinking about all the issues right from actual choice of course and college till the social & psychological impact on the youngsters once they are out of Manipur. This article is just to highlight the need and critically of the complex scenarios which neither parents nor youngsters would have ever thought of in life.

I would like to suggest to young guys and gals passing out of schools; to give a thought more seriously; more than your own parents care & thought. Best wishes to all them who believes in hardworking & faith on self.


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