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The power of belief is so strong that the task in front looks almost half done if one believes on self towards his/her approach to the success of the goal. Understanding the potentials of self is critical to analyse where one is weak and one is strong. Every individual comes across various positive and negative feelings/emotions daily around self. People often get annoyed by disturbances around self and wish to be free from anything that he/she does not like to be around. In such circumstances, focusing on positive energies around self is the key to happiness and prosperity in life.

There is no replacement for hard-working effort, yet believing self that one can do the task is very critical for the final outcome of the task. Visualizing the end in mind and approaching the task in front provides the individual to prepare well in advance. Unexpected outcome of a task beyond anyone’s prediction is something not to be worried about, because the task executed may not be actually meant for the individual. Instead, the individual should refocus all the energies within self towards a new task and explore his/her inner strengths towards success in life till he/she finds own destiny.

Life is very short if number of days, months, and years are counted for every one of us. Now year 2009 has completed and a new year 2010 has already set in. Thus, each one of us has so far passed through many setbacks as well as wonderful moments in the past years. Some may feel totally exhausted and even not having the will to carry on in life. Yet, what we should be remembering is that, in spite of all the hurdles in the past, we still have come alive so far by overcoming everything and, now we still have the opportunity to smile or still make a new life filled with enlightened vision. It’s the choice that each one of us has to make for self in the New Year where one should go ahead for future.

Nothing has ever happened automatically without an individual’s thought about the task. Good or bad outcome to anyone will never have happened unless the individual has ever dreamt of at least for a moment in life. Yes, things do sometimes happen like miracles from nowhere. But, negative thoughts bring about negative outcomes and positive thoughts create new opportunities in life. As the mind thinks, we are attracted to the thinking whether we like it or not. So, we should practice to think positively in life. When the entire strengths in the body is utilised to achieve the dream/thought, the individual get the expected result of the action on the thought. It’s that moment when we say ‘Destiny’ and ‘Effort’ collide.

So, earlier the better to self-analyse one’s potentials and build on the strong characteristics one possesses by updating knowledge around self. Every individual has got weak characters on self and it’s true that one should look after improving those weak points. But, life is too short to improve on everything one lacks and hence, one should optimise the available time on life by balancing the weak points on self and focusing on the strong inner-strengths on self.  There is always a way out in life and one should look for innovation & change to bring prosperity in life. Remember – Positive energies around self bring about smile on face and a reason to live on.

Wishing a Happy New Year 2010 to everyone!


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